Begindergarten Half Day 

Monday through Friday   9:00am – 12:00pm

Begindergarten Full Day

Monday through Friday   9:00am – 3:00pm


Begindergarten is a 4 and 5 year old program focused on kindergarten readiness skills.  The purpose of the program is to aid in preparing preschoolers for WOLCA’s advanced Kindergarten literacy curriculum. It is our goal that before students enter Kindergarten, they are equipped with all the tools needed in order to become successful readers. Through this program we are also able to identify and provide early intervention for students who may inevitably have difficulties with reading in the future. Students will be learning: Letter Recognition, Phonetic letter sounds, Word Families, and Sight words.  Math, Social Studies and Science lessons are all incorporated into the literacy program through hands on creative play and are taught in a fun learning environment.

Begindergarten Full Day Program-In addition to the kindergarten readiness skills taught, all full day Begindergarten students participate in additional enhancement courses including Music class, Computer class, Spanish class, Art class, Library and Physical Education.


Preschool is a critical time when very young children focus on play-based, hands-on readiness activities and build their foundation for lifelong learning. Here are some of the skills they will develop with the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum at Word of Life Christian Academy:

Body awareness and good habits for school readiness
• Drawing, playing, and singing to learn
• Cognitive/language development skills
• Fine motor skills and strength
• Social skills

Why Handwriting Without Tears?

Easy to learn curriculum that works for all students
• Child-friendly consistent language
• Hands-on learning
• Integration of music into lessons
• Easy methods to get children set for formal instruction in kindergarten
• Fun to learn, no more tears!

At Word of Life Christian Academy, we implement the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum. Your child will learn these key preschool skills:

Holding a crayon
• Understanding direction
• Vocabulary and rhyming
• Body Awareness
• Shape, color, symbol recognition
• Hands-on learning tools and exercises follow a student’s natural sequence of learning: imitation, copying, independent writing
• Learning through using dough, magnetic stamps, wood pieces, a slate and more