Here are a few reminders and opportunities  for the summer:

1.  Summer Reading Challenge-  We want to encourage all our students to read this summer.  There are two Summer reading challenges this summer.  One is for K-2 students.  It allows our K-2 students to log reading hours.  The other is for our 3-6 students.  It allows our students to keep track of how many books they have read this summer.  We encourage our 3-6 students to fill up as many of those sheets as possible!  Students who complete the challenge will be recognized with a certificate during chapel on the first week of school.

2.  WOLCA T-shirt Contest- Take your WOLCA shirt on vacation or any of your daily summer adventures.  Snap a pic and post it on WOLCA’s social media with #wolcaSummer.  Prizes for the most unique, most often posted and farthest traveled will be announced at the end of Summer!   Each post enters you in a drawing for Free Friday Pizza Lunches for a year!

3. Cave Quest 2015 VBS August 29-September 2nd
You don’t want to miss WOL’s Vacation Bible School.  It’s a great way to get right back into the school routine and meet or catch up with other WOLCA students!

4. Summer Reading at New York Libraries Programs

Enjoy your summer!