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2022-2023 Tuition & Discount info


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http://disegnoworks.com/client/etro/ TUITION
Our tuition costs include all expenses, there are no hidden fees beyond the registration fee. Your value for your tuition dollars include:

• Biblical teaching and practice
• Parental participation in the education of their children
• Good parent/school/teacher communication
• Smaller classes in order to provide individual attention
• Reinforced moral values that are taught at home
• Strong academic program
• Safe haven for children
• Relationship with God, friends and school family

Tuition will cover basic educational costs, such as salaries, administrative costs, building and equipment maintenance, utilities, educational materials and programs for all grades and includes textbooks for kindergarten and elementary grades. All students will be provided with testing materials, arts and crafts, library resources and services that are administered yearly to provide a basis for evaluating the educational progress of each student.